Donovan schreibt dazu an die Internationale IALANA:

Thank you so much for the decades of standing up to the insanity of nuclear weapons among many critical issues. I deeply appreciate all you do and just read the May 2nd, 2016 Legal Instrument for the Prohibition an Elimination of Nuclear Weapons. Thank you. At end of the film you are listed as one of the vital organizations to support.

"Good Thinking" is a documentary on those who tried to push back on nuclear weapons, four plus years in the making. Imperfect, and perhaps nothing new to you here, and a thousand more stories to be told, but for the general public. I hope it's another tool that helps to introduce the concern, to widen the perspective, deepen the knowledge base and history, and encourage us all forward. I hope you find Good Thinking supportive to you, encourgaging and helpful in introducing to those who know much less. I cannot thank you and members for your focus and efforts, life dedication. Because of the dangerous, irresponsible remarks of U.S. Presidential candidates about nuclear weapons last month, I chose not to wait until after our elections for the November film festivals and release it now to the public.