Among other qualified candidates for the Nobel Peace Price 2017 - Nominated by Prof Alf Petter Høgberg, Uni of Oslo (also in 2015, with co-nominators Nils Christie and Ståle Eskeland):

«I resubmit the nomination for 2015, ... In addition I would like to mention that in 2015, ”the last expired year,” IALANA, Peter Weiss, and the German section have continued to clarify the illegality of nuclear weapons law cooperating with and backing the case Marshall Islands is conducting at the UN Court, ICJ, on the obligations of nuclear-armed nations to engage in efficient procedures to abolish nuclear weapons. IALANA makes valiant efforts to develop international law through a treaty banning nuclear weapons adopted in international diplomacy.

The German IALANA branch is particularly active in a “Peace trough Law” project seeking to strengthen international law and make it a well known and operative feature of national and international relations. This work is at the core of Nobel´s idea of a “prize for the champions of peace.” The resort to court instead of arms was a key component of the peace thinking of Bertha von Suttner (arbitration and Schiedsgerichte) and the work of the “champions of peace” that Alfred Nobel wished to support by his prize.

… To develop a world governed by law, not power, was a central concern of Nobel using the term «brotherhood of nations» in his will and is central to the activities of the IALANA community.

See the full 2016 nomination here , the 2015 nomination here.

Renominat​ed 2017, by Prof Alf Petter Høgberg, Uni of Oslo here.


We could no longer allow selection process to remain secret.

The Norwegian Nobel Committee keeps everything secret for 50 years, unfortunately they also conceal the specific peace vision Nobel wished to support. The NPP Watch, seeing a selection process with open discussion of the candidates as well as Nobel and his intention more in line with modern and democratic ideas, decided to publish a shortlist of all candidates we could find, with the full nomination letter. To be included in our list:

  1. A nomination must have been sent to the Nobel committee

  2. within the time limit – Feb. 1 each year (NB: In 2017 new time limit: Jan. 31.)

  3. by a person within the categories entitled to nominate, and

  4. NPPW has proof and can publish the nomination proper

  5. the NPPW considers the candidate within the circle Nobel wished his “prize for the champions of peace” to serve

The Nobel Peace Prize Watch guidelines for screening nominations, see here